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For Physicians

Primary Healthcare for all

No copays. No deductibles. And just $2 per day.

MejorHealth is a healthcare network management service that connects physicians and patients, fostering healthier relationships for today´s busy lifestyles. For physicians, this means more patients without increased overhead costs.

The time-consuming paperwork associated with traditional insurance reimbursement can overwhelm some medical practices. MejorHealth trades this aggravating, antiquated model for one of convenience allowing the provider to concentrate on the patient not the paperwork.

And, at MejorHealth, our participating physicians always get compensated, whether the patient schedules a visit or not.

Benefits at a Glance

  • New patients brought to you at no extra cost.
  • Stable and reliable monthly payments to your practice.
  • Eliminated labor-intensive insurance paperwork greatly reduces overhead costs.
  • No cost, online secure portal with access to patients´ health information.

As a participating physician you´ll benefit from more time to effectively care for and build relationships with your patients.

About our Online Portal

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  2. Signup as a physician.
  3. Start receiving patients and payments.

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